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Community Events

Holding space for whole-being.​


Sound Healing

Come join the Village for its monthly sounding healing featuring Natalia Romana. It will be a fusion of gentle yoga, meditation, and a restorative sound bath.

3rd Sunday Of Every Month


$15-$25 sliding scale

Community Event Registration

Come join a community that explores and connects to what it means to be human.


Community Fun Nights

Come Join our Community Fun Nights. It's a gift from the village in holding space for the community to come together. This is where the community comes together for food, fun, and connecting. We look forward to seeing in the village.

Date: Sep 27

Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Pop-Up Bakery

The village is honored to welcome the first bi-monthly bakery in the Bay Area. We have wonderful pop-up food venues, but where there is savory food, sweets need a home. The pop-up Village bakery will be filled with local pastry, bread, sweets, coffee, tea and yes a bit of savory. Come join us on the second Saturday bi-monthly of a morning filled with food, community, and fun.

Yummy! Yummy!

Pop-Up Bakery

Date:  June 8, Aug 10, & Oct 12

Time: 9:30-12:30

Make sure to bring your coffee cup, Tea Cup, and small plate if you're planning to have breakfast with us!

We also encourage everyone to bring reusable to go wear to bring your goodies home in!

 For vendors who are interested, we require for all baked good to be clean eating and must bake what you sale.

  • No processed sugar
  • food coloring
  • artificial preservatives 
  • sustainably sourced ingredients
  • organic when possible

Local Bakers Welcome To the Village

We are excited to welcome local bakers to the village pop-up bakery. If you are interested in  being a vendor please see guidelines:

  • 3 samples of your products
  • A full menu
  • Ingredients list for all items

Drop off dates & Time: 12:00-5:00 

March 18, May 4, July 6, & Sept 7

Fee for the Event: $35.00

You will receive an invite from the village and then you can register online. We look forward to all the wonderful flavors of the bay area.

Vendor Registration

We look forward to having your gift of baking with the planet and people in mind.


Mindful & Intentional Lotion Making Class

Come With Your Heart & Hands to Connect

Come join us for a 3-hour lotion making workshop using ecological principle. Learn the interconnection between our rhythm and intention when making the lotion for deeper healing. Resources used are local, sustainable, and support social justices.



16 oz infusion, made in class

1 set of salves, made in class 

4- 4oz amber glass jars 

4oz of beeswax

Fee: $100.00

Time: 9:3012:30

Date: July 13, 2019

Hosted By: Brianna Jeffcoat 

408-550-3353 for more information

Lotion Making Workshop Registration

We look forward to connecting through healing