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Pre &

Postnatal Classes

Join us for classes that match every level of experience.


Awakened Pre & Postnatal Classes

Parenting starts before birth. Understanding that the unborn child is conscious, aware, and imprinting from its environment for survival or thriving allows for parents to move through pregnancy in a more mindful way. We merge new research on neuroscience, embryology, midwifery, epigenetics, pre & perinatal birth psychology, ecopsychology and consciousness studies with practical tools that assist in reaching a birth that best supports the mind, body, and spirit of mom, baby, and partner. Through this lens, the impact of birth is one that brings choice, empowerment, education, and attachment to healthy relationships.

Awakened Prenatal Yoga

Tuesday 9:00-10:00 am

Wednesday 6:30-7:30 pm

The prenatal period is a transformation with expansion and contractions. This time is meant for exploring the many changes within the mind, body, and spirit. Through the Awakened Method for prenatal yoga we go deeper into the relationship field in understanding our beliefs about birth are expressed in our bodies.

When holding patterns are touched on it allows movement through the body in a way that brings trust, empowerment, and choice. Our hour is spent each week exploring the 7 principles to connect to body, baby, and self through yoga movement, meditation, and education. 

Medical Qigong for Birth & Postpartum

Medical Qigong therapy is the eldest therapeutic modality of Chinese medicine. It is a comprehensive system of health care, addressing the root cause of symptoms or disease, while treating the client as a whole. Mindful breath merges with intentional movement to restore energy flow throughout all body systems. 

Awakened Parent & Baby Yoga

Thursday 11:30-12:30

Birth is journey and recovery is the continuum. Awakened Postnatal & Baby Yoga is a continuum from the prenatal by using the 7 principle of the Awakened Method. Now we bring what it means to be parents form the outside and how do we move through is space.

Just as their are fears of the birth we hold fears and concerns as a new parent. These fears become holding patterns in our body and by dong the Awakened Prenatal yoga it brings flow to body, mind, and emotion bring a open relationship field for you and your baby. Come join a community that is looking to move through parenting feeling empowered and connected. 

New Awakened Parent Class

Our new parents group holds space for what it means to be a new parent in the 21st century. We have a very cohesive approach that supports breastfeeding, movement development education, infant massage, postpartum challenges/moods and connection. Many postpartum classes are separated into single topics. In our New Awakened Parents group, we touch on a full spectrum of real-life topics impacting daily parenting. Our facilitators understand what it means to hold space for the whole dyad and tryad in a relationship field approach.

Awakened Postnatal Yoga

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