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The Spirit of Play Parent Co-Op Preschool 

Mindful Ways is part of the Urban Eco-Village of San Jose. Our village is based on the “Sustainable Urban Village Model: A Biomimic Design”. Our Mindful and Ecological Parent co-op is grounded in creating systems that reflect the patterns and principals in our local ecology. This approach is the most resilient and stable system known to us. Ecosystems are self-replicating, self-propagating, and self-maintaining. Learning and facilitating natural systems increase in complexity and resiliency over time and uses resources effectively by cycling them through tens of thousands of interactions, which will be reflected in the community. When this space is held in a Mindful and Conscious way the community grows roots in empathy, compassion, and altruism through seeing the interconnectedness.

Our model of ecological systems facilitates the end of every process is the beginning of another. Every organism depends on countless others and, in turn, relies upon the whole. This process emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, the goal of education is not the acquisition of knowledge but the intertwining of it. The purpose of a mindful and ecological approach is to create communities capable of applying knowledge from multiple domains in new and novel situations. Creative problem solving is the ability to see or combine previously disconnected concepts in new circumstances. Through our Mindful and Ecological Parent co-op, we can bring not only a community back to a sustainable place but bring caring and courageous kids.

Childhood should be joyful and wholesome. We believe that the earliest, most memorable kind of learning includes climbing trees, catching frogs and making mud pies. We believe that empathy, love, curiosity, and respect are the truest foundation of learning and building healthy limits & boundaries. Our environment emulates the kindness and compassion embodied by all while being mindful of the differences that lie within. 

The rhythm of the Day:

9:15-10:00 Gathering in the garden and prepping for lunch, chores, exploration

10:00-10:20 Morning Mindful Circle with a welcome song, Movement, and orienting for the day

10:20-11:00 Self and Community garden Exploration & Project time

11:00-11:20 Music

11:25-11:45 Community Lunch

11:45-12:00 Clean up & Mindful Closing Circle

The rhythm of our days is those that fluctuate just as children do.  Our goal as a Mindful Teacher is to allow the children to be in their social nervous system, this is where they feel safe to explore the essence of who they are, it gives them the ability to build cooperative relationships, and brings true health.

Ages: 2.5-5yrs

The Wonderful World of Nature

Day, Times, and Fee's

We are a membership-based community allowing for diversity. The membership allows for the upkeep of the land, maintenance, those who need a sliding scale the ability to join the community. It also allows us to keep our prices reachable for the whole community. It also allows discounts for parent education, wellness classes, afterschool programs, lectures, and special events. It’s not required to be a member and left open for what works best for your family.

Please enroll early to hold your spot! 

3 Day Program: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday                     $220 monthly member/$242.00 non-member

2 Day Program: Monday & Friday                                                  $152.00 monthly member/$168.00 non-member

1 Day Program: Friday                                                                          $100.00 monthly member/$110.00 non-member

Membership Fee: $99.00 per year

Preschool Registration Fee: $50 member/$75.00 non-member

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