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Join us for classes that match every level of experience.


The Awakened Birth Method

Natural Childbirth Course

This is a mindful & conscious approach to childbirth education. This class is held weekly for 7 weeks. The classes last 3 hours and are filled with education for the 21st century to bring empowered mother, partners, and babies into the world.  You will receive weekly packages with weekly topic information and a weekly mindful meditation recording.   

Natural Childbirth Course

The Awakened Birth Philosophies and Concept of Conscious Pregnancy and Birthing:

• Understanding the foundation of consciousness in the womb

• Knowing more about our birth beliefs and how they play a part during the birth process.

• Breath Awareness, Relaxation, Identifying feelings expectation, fears, and concerns about birth

• Exploring what it means to be a layer of support as the partner.

Opening to the Birth Process through the Awakenings with Connection and Calm:

• Moving through labor; 1) a closed cervix to fully open. 2) Pushing 3.) The birth of the placenta

• Guiding the partner through mind-body exercise to be fully present and aware of your needs along with his.

• Understanding the womb child connection to the stages and the long-term effects for the child.

• Working on mind and body techniques that brings awareness to the body, while integrating fears and concerns about birth.

• Learn about the importance of a healthy pelvic floor for a calmer and gentler birth.

The imprinting that takes place with medical procedures, understanding the three different modalities of care, your birthplace and team.

• Discussion of common diagnostic and labor interventions in terms of the risk-benefit ratio and alternatives to the routine use of interventions. Accepting responsibility and taking an active role in birth.

• Understanding that the womb child is aware an conscious needing support and guidance.

• Understanding how physicians are trained and the legal pressures that confront everyone.

• Finding a balance, using interventions only when the benefits outweigh the risks, and most importantly, gain confidence in your ability to make a true choice.

• The importance of doulas, labor companions, choosing a birthplace that feels safe and a birth team that shares a woman’s philosophy of birth.

• Understanding how the practice of human values improves decision-making and leads to a more positive birth experience.

• Personal and cultural belief systems about pain. The concept of healthy pain. Types of medical pain relief, the risks/benefit ratio, and alternatives, birth sounds. Comfort measures for