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Mindful Ways Parent Co-Op Preschool 

The Village School is based on the “Sustainable Urban Village Model: A Biomimic Design,” with curriculum grounded in systems that reflect the patterns and principals in our local ecology. This approach is the most resilient and stable system known to us. Ecosystems are self-replicating, self-propagating, and self-maintaining. They increase in complexity and resiliency over time, and use resources effectively by cycling them through tens of thousands of interactions. Every organism depends on countless others and, in turn, relies upon the whole. Therefore, the goal of mindful education is not the acquisition of knowledge, but the intertwining of it.

Our school aims to create communities rooted in empathy, compassion, healing, interconnection, altruism, and creative problem solving. We combine previously disconnected concepts into new circumstances, bringing basic sustainability back into the community, along with caring and courageous kids.

We believe childhood should be joyful and wholesome. We believe in the value of climbing trees, harvesting veggies, catching frogs and making mud pies. We believe that empathy, love, curiosity, and respect are the truest foundation of learning. We believe in diversity, tolerance, and healthy boundaries. We believe in the healing power of the great outdoors.

Parent Co-op Preschool

Our mindful & ecological nature preschool offers a safe, stimulating, and socially-conscious classroom for kids ages 2.5-5 years. We are play-based, Waldorf-inspired, and welcoming.

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Our K-12 After-school program is the perfect supplement for school-aged children. Round out the day with homework help, healthy snacks, and outdoor play.

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When regular school is closed, the village school is open! Sign up now for October Fun Week (Oct 1-5),

& Holiday Winter Camp (Dec 31-Jan 4).

Yoga, art, music, cooking, and more!

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“Ecoliterate: How Educators Are Cultivating Emotional, Social, and Ecological Intelligence” reveals how education

that engages in some of the most pressing ecological issues of the day advances academic achievement, fosters resilience,

and helps school communities play a vital role in protecting the natural world."

-David Goleman

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